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Roof is a cover for a building that protects the inside of the building from the sun and rain. The shape of the roof is flat and there is a sloping, although flat should be considered to drain the water so that it can fall. PT Kim Gemilang Bersama is the most complete, cheapest roof distributor with the best quality. In addition we also provide the best and most complete roofing brands that have become the choice of consumers for all needs. The products we sell include Galvalum Spandek Roofing, Roofmesh, Avantguard Upvc Roofing, Sand Spandek, Fiber Roofing, Polycarbonate, Roofing Roofing, Ecoroof Upvc Roofing, Upvc Alderon Roofing, Upvc Roofing Shield, Upvc Roofing Holodeck, etc. The price of the roof we offer is relatively cheap from the market price.

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